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About True Gold Republic

We are a faith-based company that leads with education, providing world-class support to assist you with understanding the value of diversifying with physical gold and silver.

True Gold Republic assists clients with securing gold and silver for direct delivery as well as with qualified retirement accounts. We are committed to leading the industry in transparency, providing excellent customer service, ensuring client satisfaction throughout every step of the process.

Trust is built on transparency.

We provide you with the best and most transparent information so that you can make a solid, well-informed decision about protecting your future with gold and silver. 

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from the founder

"We focus on honest excellence, genuine transparency, customized solutions, and building a legacy of trust. We help you protect and secure your future with precious metals."

Samuel O'Brien, Founder & Managing Director


How We can Help

Our Services

We offer a variety of services related to acquiring precious metals, but most importantly (unlike other companies) we are here to educate consumers regarding the true cost of buying gold and silver. Whether or not you become a True Gold Republic client, we want you to know what questions to ask so that you are on equal footing with any precious metals company before you acquire anything.

We are not financial advisors or tax advisors -- we do not provide financial advice or tax advice -- we are here to offer information and assistance specifically related to your interest in physical precious metals.  We encourage you to speak with a financial advisor or tax advisor for any applicable information we do not provide.


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Featured Education

Take a look at our education center to familiarize yourself with the benefits of acquiring gold and silver, current market data, and in-depth industry knowledge.

Gold Price Predictions - March 2024

What are current market analysts’ gold price predictions?

Gold Price Predictions - March 2024

True Gold Republic Gold IRA

If you're wondering what a Gold IRA is, you likely have many questions. We're blessed for the opportunity to assist you.

True Gold Republic Gold IRA

Benefits of a Gold IRA

In addition to securing physical precious metal, a Gold IRA offers several other unique benefits.

Benefits of a Gold IRA



Meet the Team

True Gold Republic's core team of exceptionally talented, knowledgeable professionals is blessed for the opportunity to assist you with your interest in gold and silver.







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Client Testimonials

With 5 Star Reviews on the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Affairs, Google, and other notable sites, we do not just meet but consistently exceed Client expectations.



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It is the responsible and righteous man that ought to manage their finances effectively.



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Learn at your own pace.

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How True Gold Republic is different

The Purity of True Gold

Trust matters, and trust is based on the quality of the information you receive. True Gold Republic (TGR) offers a comparison that focuses on important questions you should know and ask before acquiring gold and silver from any company.

True Gold
Any Gold Group
Any Gold Group
Any Gold Group
Does the company use a faith-based approach in assisting clients with purchasing gold and silver, moving at their pace and taking the time to understand their goals and objectives?
Does the company prioritize educating clients before making sales, ensuring a crystal clear understanding of the precious metals buying process first and foremost?  
Does the company provide True Cost pricing, disclosing the "markup" and what the company pays for precious metal before selling it to clients?
True Gold
Questions to Know and Ask
Does the company provide True Cost Pricing, disclosing the spread and the markup it charges for the precious metals they sell, as well as what commission account executives may earn?
Does the company move at clients' pace, prioritizing education before making a sale?
Does the company advertise offering thousands in  "free" silver while not disclosing the actual "markup" clients pay to get the "free" silver?
Does the company pay millions to celebrity spokespersons for their endorsement, a cost passed on to clients through the markup they are paying?
Does the company sell exclusive coins that carry a high markup that can only be acquired from and sold back to the company?
Does the company provide a Price Protection Plan on qualifying precious metals accounts?
Does the company provide No Fees for Life on qualifying precious metals IRAs?

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