Secure Peace of Mind: Transform Your 401k into a Gold IRA

A 401(K) rollover to precious metals is possible depending on your age and employment status. Contact True Gold Republic to see if your account is eligible.  


401(k) Rollover

Converting Your 401k to a Gold IRA with True Gold.

During times of geo-economic and geo-political volatility, many investors turn to precious metals as an investment hedge to help mitigate the risk of financial losses. If you have a 401(k) account, you might qualify to use some of your retirement funds to purchase gold and silver.

Who Can Rollover a 401k to a Gold IRA?

Eligibility to rollover a 401(k) depends on various factors, and it's important to consider the specific rules outlined by your employer's 401(k) plan and the IRS. In general, individuals who experience certain events may be eligible for a 401(k) rollover. These events include:

  1. Changing Jobs: If you leave your job or retire, you may be eligible to rollover your 401(k) funds.
  2. Retirement: When you reach the age of 59½, you are typically eligible for penalty-free withdrawals and can choose to rollover your 401(k).
  3. In-Service Withdrawals: Some 401(k) plans allow for in-service withdrawals, permitting you to rollover a portion of your funds while still employed.
  4. Plan Termination: If your employer terminates the 401(k) plan, you may be eligible to rollover your funds.
  5. Death or Disability: In the case of death or disability, beneficiaries or the disabled individual may be eligible for a rollover.
If Your Account Qualifies for a 401k Rollover into a Gold IRA, The Process Could Be Tax and Penalty Free.

It's essential to check your specific plan documents and consult with your plan administrator or a financial advisor to understand the eligibility criteria and any potential tax implications associated with a 401(k) rollover.

Steps to Get Started with a 401k Transfer to a Gold IRA:

  1. Find a Trustworthy Gold IRA Provider like True Gold to simplify the process and avoid hurdles.
  2. Select a Self-Directed IRA Custodian who will assist in transferring your existing 401k into a Self-Directed IRA account.
  3. Open and Fund your new Self-Directed IRA Account.
  4. Select the Physical Precious Metals to buy and sell, adhering to IRS guidelines. These metals will be shipped to an approved storage vault.

True Gold and your custodian will handle the technical aspects of your transactions.

Direct & Indirect Rollovers

Once you have deemed your eligibility for a True Gold IRA, you can opt for a direct or indirect rollover:

  • Direct rollover: Funds move directly from your 401k to the new Gold IRA custodian.

A direct gold IRA rollover involves transferring an old 401(k) or qualified account into a new gold IRA through the original custodian. This recommended method ensures a smooth rollover, as your original fund manager directly transfers your funds to the new account custodian via wire or check. By avoiding direct involvement, this minimizes the risk of mistakes and potential IRS penalties.

  • Indirect rollover: Funds are sent to you, allowing you 60 days to move them to your new IRA.

Another way to transfer funds to a gold IRA is through an indirect rollover. You'll receive a check and must deposit the funds into your new gold IRA. You can work with the account custodian to determine the amount in taxes to be withheld. Failure to do so within 60 days leads to the IRS potentially using the withheld funds for taxes and imposing a withdrawal penalty if you're under 59 ½. Completing the transfer within 60 days adds the withheld funds to your new account.

A tax-free and penalty-free transaction.

Rollover Duration and Fees

A 401k-to-Gold IRA rollover, whether direct or indirect, can take up to 60 days depending on the custodian from which funds are being moved.

While you won't pay fees on the rollover, there could be various costs when opening a Gold-backed IRA, including setup fees, custodian fees, and storage fees. Make sure to have a crystal clear understanding of what these could be before proceeding. True Gold provides a "No Fees" program for all qualifying accounts.

Common Pitfalls to Avoid

Stay compliant with strict rollover rules to avoid fines. Common mistakes include missing the 60-day limit for indirect rollovers, exceeding annual contribution limits, and not specifying the rollover type.

Benefits of Converting to a Gold IRA

Consider converting to a Gold IRA with True Gold for benefits like increased control over your funds, physical gold ownership, and diverse investment options provided through the IRA custodian.

Types of Gold IRAs

True Gold offers two main types of Gold IRAs:

  1. Traditional Gold IRA: Provides benefits and advantages based on the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997.
  2. Roth Gold IRA: No tax advantages on contributions but no income tax on disbursements.

Why it might work for you

Our self-directed IRA program backed by physical precious metal can help protect your purchasing power in physical assets.

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401(k) Rollover