Selling Your Gold and Silver

Selling gold and silver to True Gold Republic is a very simple process. We provide full transparency and the most competitive  buyback prices.  


Selling Gold and Silver

True Gold Republic provides a simple and transparent "buy and sell process" for clients and those who have purchased precious metal elsewhere. We do not participate in your profit, we charge zero liquidation fees, shipping is free, and you can rest assured you'll receive the industry's most competitive buyback prices when selling to True Gold Republic.  

In addition to assisting you with purchasing gold and silver, we are committed to buying back your precious metal at zero cost to you. Our team of Precious Metals Specialists is ready to help you assess the value of your gold and silver, providing real-time data and buyback prices so you can decide if selling is right for you.  

At True Gold Republic, our dedication to world class service and transparent transactions is unwavering throughout every stage of buying and selling precious metals. This commitment extends not only to repurchasing products we sell to you but also to buying back those acquired from other companies. Our buyback policy is transferable, meaning anyone to whom you pass your precious metal can sell to True Gold Republic without incurring any fees.

If you currently have precious metals in hand or in a Self-Directed IRA, and would like a value assessment based on real-time data and buyback prices, contact our Precious Metals Specialists at call. They'll be happy to provide a proper valuation of your current assets and discuss what options are available to you.

How to Sell Your Precious Metals to True Gold Republic

  1. Contact Us

Connect with a Precious Metals Specialist by phone call or email for a value assessment of your precious metals. This information will help you decide if selling your precious metals is right for you.

  1. Ship The Metals

Should you decide that selling your metal is right for you, a Precious Metals Specialist will assist you with beginning the buyback process.  If you are selling gold and silver in hand, the first step is to ship it to True Gold Republic so that the buyback can be processed and confirmed. We will provide a free shipping label to ensure the metals are safely delivered, registered insured and restricted delivery. If the metal you would like to sell is in your Self-Directed IRA, True Gold Republic will work with the custodian holding your metal to process and confirm the buyback.

  1. Receive Your Payment

After receiving your precious metals and processing your buyback, True Gold Republic will promptly issue a check for the agreed-upon price or arrange a wire payment for your convenience. If the buyback occurs through your Self-Directed IRA, your funds will be placed in that account.

At True Gold, we are dedicated to providing you with a seamless and transparent buyback process, tailored to your individual needs and objectives. Our top priority is ensuring you have peace of mind every step of the way.

Why it might work for you

Our self-directed IRA program backed by physical precious metal can help protect your purchasing power in physical assets.

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Selling Gold and Silver