WATCH: The Bear Report Vol 1


Ron Bear hosts the podcast "The Bear Report" discussing current affairs and precious metals.




WATCH: The Bear Report Vol 1
WATCH: The Bear Report Vol 1


Bear Report: Housing Prices, Global Recession, Fed Panic, Banks pray, Invest in gold and silver

The everything bubble appears to be closer than we initially thought. Are you prepared for what lies ahead in the financial landscape?


  • We are in the middle of the fastest housing crash in recorded history. Only 5 periods in our house price records (since 1963) have housing prices dropped by more than 2% over any 12 month period.
  • Business Insider stated A recession is likely to hit the US economy in 2024 per the economist David Rosenberg. 
  • Serious delinquencies of credit cards, or those 90 days or more past due, have reached the highest level since 2009, per TransUnion.
  • German banks are preparing for huge loan defaults in ‘greatest real estate crisis since the financial crisis’ - CNN.

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