3 Signs that the MASSIVE Global Debt Bubble is About to Burst…


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3 Signs that the MASSIVE Global Debt Bubble is About to Burst…
3 Signs that the MASSIVE Global Debt Bubble is About to Burst…


(The actions you take in the next few weeks may determine your safety and survival)...

“We hope and pray we’re wrong about this… but the world economic situation is bleak and our leaders are pushing full steam ahead like two out-of-control trains on a head-on collision course with no brakes and no tracks to switch paths.” ~ Samuel O'Brien, President, True Gold Republic

So what’s the problem?

O’Brien points out that the current financial system (the debt-based fiat system based on the US dollar) is coming to an end. And because of the pandemic (and the OUTRAGEOUS amount of money printing and spending associated with it), the timeline for the collapse has been accelerated.  

Here’s one of the clearest indicators that something bad is about to happen…

For the first time since 1930, the measurement of money circulating in the economy (M2) has gone negative.  And if you remember from history class, that was just a year after the 1929 stock market crash… and the beginning of the Great Depression… the longest downturn in the modern industrial American economy that ended during WW2. 

“We are at the end of the mother of all cycles.” 

~ Ed Dowd, founding partner, Phinance Technologies and former Black Rock account manager. 

Unsustainable: USA Now Adding $1 TRILLION in New Debt EVERY 3 Months! That’s about $33 Billion every day!

According to the Heritage Foundation, 40% of every dollar of all income tax paid by Americans is now going directly to pay the interest on the national debt. 

That’s nearly DOUBLE the interest rate that the average American pays on their credit cards… 

In the last quarter of 2023, Moody’s Investors Service lowered the United States credit rating from “stable” to “negative.” One of the primary reasons for the downgrade, Moody’s reported, is the increased cost of financing the debt due to the sharply rising interest rates in recent years.

O’Brien predicts that as the national debt climbs (currently at a breakneck clip of $4 trillion per year), and the nation’s credit rating continues to be downgraded even further due to the poor decisions of our politicians (raising the interest rate on the debt even higher), our government will be forced into default.

What happens then? Bankruptcy?  

Will retirees receive their social security checks?

Will disabled people receive their disability checks?

Will government employees get their paychecks?

Will retired military and retired government employees get their pension checks?

Will the US dollar be worth anything?

In this Doomsday scenario, will the US government (or any government for that matter) still exist?

Probably not.

It’s likely that we are not far off from a total economic collapse and a recession/depression that will span all parts of the world.

Here are 3 Signs that the MASSIVE Global Debt Bubble is About to Burst… (and civil unrest will likely follow)...

#1. The Rich & Famous are Frantically Building “Doomsday” Bunkers - - -

Hollywood celebs like Rob Lowe and Sheryl Berkoff, as well as business tycoons Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder, and CEO of Facebook, and Sam Altman CEO of OpenAI, are among the recent elites and pro athletes who are building elaborate “end of time” bunkers.

Zuckerberg’s $270 million 57,000-square-foot Doomsday bunker.

Credit: Jam Press/ Safe/ Roger Berent Ar

As reported in the Sun, “One developer, Al Corbi, said he's working on a facility that's surrounded by a manmade pond filled with a flammable liquid” 

#2. The National Guard is posted in NY Subways (but not for the reasons they’re saying)… 

Do you really think they would put the National Guard in the subways of New York city just because a conductor was hit with a water bottle? Let’s be real.

Our borders are wide open and millions of military-age men have been flooding into our nation at levels never seen in this nation. And our politicians are not only letting it happen but encouraging it.

“Seriously!  This is SICK! And it could get really ugly, really fast.” ~ Samuel O’Brien

Militant Cannibal Killers from Haiti are landing on Florida beaches in boats filled with drugs and guns.  And we don’t have enough Coast Guard forces there to catch them all.

#3. Those “In The Know” are Buying Gold at Record Levels.

Who would know best that an economic collapse is bearing down on the world (and what to do to protect themselves) than the central bankers?  For the past couple of years (and continuing into 2024) the central banks throughout the world have been buying up gold at record levels.

A recent Axios article reported, “Central banks collectively bought more than 1,000 tonnes of gold for each of the past two years — a pace unprecedented in modern history.”

“The People's Bank of China alone bought 225 tonnes of gold in 2023…”

So what’s the plan?

O’Brien explains that with what he and his advisors are seeing, it would be wise for every American to have a plan in place.  

Stock up on foods that have a long shelf life.  Make friends with local farmers, and if you have an area where you could grow fruits and vegetables, begin learning how to do it and start stocking up on seeds and supplies.

Have a quality water filtering system.

Download any “how to” videos from YouTube that may be helpful in case the internet is no longer available.

And be sure to have items of value that you can trade.  Gold and other precious metals will likely be vital assets for bartering for life necessities like food and medicines in an apocalyptic “Mad Max” survival situation.

“As O’Brien often says… silver can buy you your daily necessities like, milk, eggs, fruits and vegetables… and gold can buy you the entire farm.” 

Download O’Brien’s Free Post Apocalypse Survival Checklist HERE…  (There are certain to be vital things on the list that you might overlook).

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